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Tree Service Shares 5 Signs You Need Tree Removal November 8, 2017

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Tree Service Shares 5 Signs You Need Tree Removal, Sparta, Georgia

Having trees on your property comes with benefits and responsibilities. On the one hand, they provide shade, fresh air, and can be a wondrous landscape addition; but, on the other, they can be dangerous and even damage your home without adequate maintenance. Some trees may even require removal from a qualified tree service if they become enough of a hazard.

To keep you informed, Tidwell’s Tree Service in Milledgeville, GA, shares the top five signs you need tree removal below:

Local Tree Service Shares 5 Signs You Should Have a Tree Removed

1. Leaning

No tree grows completely straight. However, it should concern you if a tree leans so far that it appears partially uprooted or is resting its weight on another object — such as another tree or building. You should also call an arborist when a tree appears to be leaning progressively farther.

2. Hollowness

A hollow trunk merits at least an inspection from a local tree service. You might be able to hold onto the tree if its trunk is less than 50% hollow, but any more than that and there’s a high chance the tree could imminently collapse.

3. V-Trunks

tree-service-Milledgeville-GAIt’s common for trees to have multiple trunks, which isn’t necessarily dangerous. The time to be concerned is if the junction between two or more trunks is very tight — they have a “V” shape rather than a “U” shape — as this indicates instability.

4. Disease

Your tree might have a disease if its leaves appear discolored, have strange blotches, or if its bark develops unusual bumps. Most tree diseases can be cured with strategic pruning, but you may need to consider removal if the tree has been significantly weakened.

5. Close Proximity to Homes & Buildings

Trees can be a lovely sight from afar but not necessarily up close where they might obscure your view outside. It’s also dangerous for trees to grow too close to a home — which is especially relevant during storm season — when a strong enough wind could cause a collapse. Branches touching your roof can also encourage mold growth.

If you need expert help with tree maintenance, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with Tidwell’s Tree Service. Their experience is extensive, encompassing over 30 years of business in the Macon and Milledgeville, GA, areas. To request an estimate from the fully licensed and insured tree service, just call (478) 452-0234. More information about their services is available online.

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