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4 Best Types of Tires for Your Luxury Vehicle November 3, 2017

Eastside, Paterson
4 Best Types of Tires for Your Luxury Vehicle, Paterson, New Jersey

Having the right set of tires on your car can help improve its performance and keep you comfortable behind the wheel, especially if you’ve got a luxury vehicle. 21 Ave Tire Repair in Patterson, NJ, understands that determining which type of tires are right for your luxury car can be a challenge, so they want to share some insight with you about quality treads.

Top 4 Types of Tires for Your Luxury Car

1. Low Rolling Resistance

For those who are concerned about the environment in addition to having a smooth ride, then low rolling resistance tires may be just the perfect addition to your luxury vehicle. These types of tires reduce the amount of energy needed to propel your car forward, meaning it also reduces the amount of fuel and CO2 you burn while driving, allowing you to save money and benefit the environment. 

2. Performance 

tiresIf you’ve got a sportier vehicle, or just want the best possible response on the road, then consider investing in performance tires for your luxury car. Cars like Cadillacs, Porsches and other sporty luxury types are designed for speed, and performance tires will help them hug close to the road on those tight turns and straightaways. If you want your vehicle to look and drive like it’s fresh off of the racetrack, then performance tires are ideal.

​​​​​​​3. Touring 

Many luxury vehicles are built with space and comfort as their top priority, and in such cases, these types of vehicles will often benefit from touring tires. Luxury touring tires are designed to safely make your ride as smooth and quiet as possible, as well as providing some features found on higher-end performance tires, making them the perfect mix for a luxury sedan or coupe.

​​​​​​​4. All-Season

If you’re not the type of driver who likes to bring in their vehicle every season to have its tires switched out, then consider investing in a set of luxury passenger tires that are designed for all seasons. Nearly every major manufacturer has their own brand of high-performance, all-season treads, so it’s easy to find the right ones for you. 

When it comes to your luxury vehicle, the right set of tires can make all the difference, so choosing the perfect set of treads for your ride is essential. For more helpful tips, contact the professionals from 21 Ave Tire Repair today at (973) 225-0923 to ask about their inventory of wheels and discount tires. 

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