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Top 4 Occasions Made Better With Ice Cream Cake November 14, 2017

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Top 4 Occasions Made Better With Ice Cream Cake, Honolulu, Hawaii

A celebration isn’t a true party unless dessert is served, and at Tropilicious Ice Cream Shop in Honolulu, Hawaii, they believe every occasion deserves a cake, but not just any cake. A proper party deserves an ice cream cake made of quality handcrafted ice cream that will have people talking about it for weeks to come. Make any occasion better with a simple order.

Top Occasions Made Better With Ice Cream Cake


Whether your child is turning three years old or you’re throwing a big shindig for your 40th birthday, an ice cream cake is the key to turning your event from a dud to something people will look forward to each year. As we all know, for most party guests, the foods and desserts being offered are what will make or break their overall experience. Some of our older guests will look forward to dessert more than the kids most of the time, and we all know the king of all desserts is the ice cream cake.


ice cream cakeSchool isn’t easy for everyone, and graduating is a major accomplishment, whether it’s from high school or college. The graduation party is the moment when the graduate knows they can finally relax and all the weight on their shoulders caused by finals and end-of-the-year assignments is lifted. As a time to let loose, there should be no holding back when it comes to the desserts. An ice cream cake should just be the beginning of what’s at the dessert table of any graduation party.

Office Parties

Working in an office means that nearly every Friday afternoon is set aside to celebrate someone’s birthday, retirement, engagement, or even someone leaving the company. Any excuse to extend lunch and get through the midday slump is enough reason to bring in some food.

These snacks can become repetitive though, making the experience less satisfying. Change it up a bit by bringing in a locally made ice cream cake instead. Both the quality as well as the change in pace will be enough to get you through the rest of your day, so you can enjoy your weekend.


Planning a wedding can become a headache, as there’s so much that needs to be considered. For many brides-to-be, having the perfect cake is essential but not many people like the way buttercream and fondant cakes taste. By having an ice cream cake for your wedding instead, more people will eat it, and you’ll stand out as the couple that took a wedding tradition and altered it to your own taste.


For your tropical or classic flavored ice cream cake needs in the Honolulu area, Tropilicious Ice Cream Shop has the highest quality handcrafted ice cream around. Their cakes can be made for any occasion; simply call them at (808) 847-1750, or contact them online to place your order. 

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