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3 Monument Options for a Smaller Budget November 9, 2017

Le Roy, Genesee
3 Monument Options for a Smaller Budget, Le Roy, New York

Memorializing a loved one with dignity is not measured by a dollar amount, but by how much thought and care was put into their final resting place. Since 1915, Derrick Monument Company Inc. in Le Roy, NY, has helped countless families provide heartfelt monuments for their loved ones. No matter what your budget is, your friend or relative deserves to have a dignified burial.

Below, they list three options for memorials with a smaller budget.

Cremation Urns

The option is beautiful in its simplicity and eliminates the cost of burial. Whether you choose to keep your loved one’s ashes with the family or scatter them at a peaceful location close to their heart, a cremation urn allows for flexibility and the freedom to choose. 

Grass & Bevel Markers

If your family would rather pay their respects by visiting a grave marker in a cemetery, a modest grass marker is a low-cost solution that requires little maintenance over the years. These monuments lie flat against the grass and can be up to 24 inches long and 12 inches wide. Bevel markers have the same measurements as grass markers, but they are angled up to eight inches off the ground to allow visitors clearer visibility.

Single Headstones

One of the more classic monumentgravestone markers, a single headstone consists of a tablet standing upright on a base. Measuring over a foot tall, the monument is protected from environmental wear and tear by its base, which rises up to eight inches above the ground.

If you’re planning a memorial for a loved one, enlist the help of Derrick Monument Company Inc. Their team can help you navigate the process of choosing and designing a headstone, and they even offer affordable on-site artwork and gravestone lettering. For more information on budget-friendly monuments, call them at (585) 768-8470 or visit their website to read about their options. 

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