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What Does Engine Detailing Involve? November 7, 2017

Evergreen, Flathead
What Does Engine Detailing Involve?, Evergreen, Montana

You’ve probably had the outside of your car detailed before, but the inside needs attention, too. Engine detailing may not be something you’ve heard of, but it provides great benefits. Removing grime and dirt buildup from under the hood can extend the life of your car and help it run smoothly. To better explain the benefits of the engine detailing process, the team from Bumper To Bumper Detailing in Kalispell, MT, discusses what it involves.

Engine detailing is essentially a deep scrub of your engine to remove unwanted grease and buildup that naturally occur over time. The process typically starts by removing any leaves and obvious debris that shouldn’t be there with compressed air. Hand brushes can also work well to remove surface debris and dust.

The next step is to apply a degreaser to the engine, which will further remove unwanted buildup on a deeper level. A citrus- or water-based solution is suggested so as to not harm the rubber or vinyl components. Degreasers are typically allowed to sit and work for about five minutes to remove layers of grease from the essential components of your engine. Then, the professional will make sure everything has been removed, as leaving product behind on the components can harm your engine.

engine detailingNext, a powerful water stream is commonly used to remove all cleaning products and clear out debris. A fire-hose-style stream is often the way these are blasted off and washed underneath the car. Once cleaned and dry, a protective layer may be added to the engine to keep it guarded against future buildup and provide a nice finish to its components.

Engine detailing is just as important, if not more so, than exterior auto detailing and should be something every car owner considers. If you are looking to schedule service in the Kalispell, MT, area, trust the experts at Bumper To Bumper Detailing. Their experience will leave you with a car that is protected from the elements inside and out. Call them at (406) 752-­3623,  or visit their website to learn about their available services.


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