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3 Benefits of Expanding Your Garage October 31, 2017

Kailua, Hawaii
3 Benefits of Expanding Your Garage , Kailua, Hawaii

Do you wish your garage doors were just a little bit wider every time you pull the car in or out? Or maybe you want the garage itself to be bigger, so it wouldn’t feel so cramped. How much better would it be to have one that fit at least two vehicles—or more? Below, the friendly team at Tradewind Hawaii Inc in Kailua Kona, HI, shares a few benefits of expanding your garage.

Why You Should Expand the Garage 

1. Protect All the Vehicles

Whether you’re a two-car family or you have a pickup truck and a motorcycle, storing everything in the garage will save money over time. The hot Hawaii sun, salty air, vog, and volcanic air pollution all damage vehicles over time. Storing them in the garage means you will save on maintenance costs in the long run. 

2. Increase Storage Space

Self-storage facilities are incredibly popular in Hawaii because the average home has little storage space. If you expand the garage doors, though, you won’t need to pay a monthly fee to keep bulkier things offsite. Instead, they are conveniently stored on your property. 

3. Designate a Workspace

garage doorsYou don’t have to be a professional carpenter to benefit from a workspace in your home. The garage is a great place to store tools and complete small projects. If you expand your garage, you can perform simple handyman tasks with all the tools available in one location. Plus, you won’t disturb the family anymore with tools or work kits scattered all over the house.

When you expand the garage, you will also need to invest in new garage doors. Whether you have a certain aesthetic vision or you’re interested in the most reliable option, Tradewind Hawaii Inc in Kailua Kona will help. From outdoor cabinets to kitchen appliances, they have everything you need to upgrade the little things in the home as well that make a big difference. Check out their website to learn more about the custom doors they provide or call (808) 329-2310 to discuss the vision for your garage doors today. 

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