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MindsAhead Academy North Edison, NJ is an educational organization with a vision to become a leader in delivering a meaningful, high quality afterschool program to young children and a goal based tutoring service to older children. People, like yourself, are rigorously trained to execute curriculum so that the needs of our students are met.

3 Benefits of After-School Programs December 6, 2017

Edison, Middlesex County
3 Benefits of After-School Programs , Edison, New Jersey

Whether your child needs help from a math tutor or wants to pursue an extracurricular subject like robotics, enrolling in an after-school program can provide the support and engagement they need to thrive. The team at New Jersey’s MindsAhead Academy has seen firsthand how students enrolled in their programs excel both in and out of the classroom and encourage all kids to participate. 

How After-School Programs Benefit Students

1. Builds Confidence

Shy students often thrive in after-school programs because they can receive individual attention and highlight their strengths. These programs help students learn how to solve problems and overcome obstacles, so they can achieve their academic goals and feel more comfortable in the classroom. 

2. Closes Academic Gaps

after-school program Edison NJWith today’s ever-growing class sizes and changing curriculum, it can be hard for students to receive  personalized help. If your child struggles to retain what they’ve learned throughout the day, joining an after-school program ensures they will get the remedial instruction they need to keep up in class. Additionally, having your child work with a tutor after school will make it easier for them to complete their homework and prepare for the next lesson. 

​​​​​​​3. Encourages Peer Interaction 

Since after-school programs often bring kids from different schools together, participants have the opportunity to improve their social skills. Interacting with peers and pursuing common goals makes it easier for students learn how to work as a team and overcome challenges in a group setting. These programs also serve as opportunities to connect with like-minded kids and teens who can provide valuable emotional support during the school year.

Every child learns differently, which is why it’s important to provide them with all the tools they need to succeed. The after-school programs offered by MindsAhead Academy prepare kids to advance in core subjects and unique areas they might not study in school. Call (732) 791-4848 to learn more about enrollment, and visit their website for information about each of their programs. Like them on Facebook for regular updates about their enrichment programs. 

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