Dupont Circle, District Of Columbia
1850 K St NW
Washington, DC 20006
(202) 659-9318
Parking in Washington DC has never been easier. The One Parking garage at 1850 K Street is conveniently located near famous landmarks such as the White House, the Lincoln Memorial, and the Washington Memorial.

​Four Parking Space Personalities That Will Drive You to The Nearest One Parking Garage February 18, 2014

Dupont Circle, Washington
​Four Parking Space Personalities That Will Drive You to The Nearest One Parking Garage, Washington, District Of Columbia

From big cities to small towns, parking is a sport. Ideally safety and not only convenience are at the front of every driver’s consciousness; however, the pursuit of parking can be cutthroat. Rather than delve into the inconsiderate habits of certain parkers, One Parking is examining the diverse personalities of America’s parking spaces.

As a nationally recognized boutique parking company, One Parking maximizes their clients' incomes while providing the highest level of customer service. But without the professional execution guaranteed at each of One Parking’s conveniently located parking garages, drivers may encounter some of the following cringe-worthy parking spot personalities:

  • The Shopping Cart’s Cradle: Among the most recognizable spatial challenges, the parking spot characterized by a poorly placed shopping cart challenges the patience of Yoda himself. It will coax you into a comfortable squeeze before dashing your hopes with the clang of cheap metal.
  • The Momentary Blockade: It will just be a minute, but this parking space has even less time for you. Wait for an invitation and you will wait forever, quietly move along and it’ll be available before you can say “there’s one!”
  • The Two-Wheeled Challenger: Home to the four-wheeler’s nemesis, this parking space comfortably contains the friendly neighborhood motorcycle. It won't think twice about the mile-long line of cars gawking longingly at the wasted space.
  • The Auctioneer: While it holds you and your fellow travelers at bay, this parking spot will only go to the highest beamers. The Auctioneer takes great pleasure in pitting drivers against one another, only to graciously welcome the alpha-aggressor.

If you’re familiar with these patience-testing parking spaces, you’re probably eager to find an alternative. One Parking has over 50,000 parking spaces in the United States and the Middle East in a range of buildings and properties from iconic luxury residences to conveniently located public buildings. For professional execution and discount parking in your area, use the ParkMe app to find the One Parking garage near you

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