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Providing Elderly Care for Your Parents November 7, 2017

Freedom, Outagamie
Providing Elderly Care for Your Parents, Freedom, Wisconsin

As your parents grow older, they will likely need help with everyday tasks. As their child, you probably want to help however you can. But the transition to elderly care isn’t easy on seniors or their family members. You’ll likely experience some difficult moments, and you need to be prepared to handle it. Here’s what you should expect when your loved one makes the transition into elderly care.

Handling the Switch to Elderly Care

Role Changes

First, try to understand your parents’ perspective. During your childhood, you relied on your parents. During adulthood, you’ve likely developed an equal relationship. But now, your parents will have to rely on you, creating a new relationship dynamic neither you nor they are accustomed to. They may be resentful, particularly if you have to put your foot down on issues regarding their elderly care. This is a problem each family has to sort out individually in the way that works for them.

Finding Balance

One method which helps is to maintain a balance between caretaking and respecting your parents’ independence. If you’re too involved, not only will they be frustrated, but you’ll likely experience burnout, and your own life may suffer. Look for a healthy division of your time which you can sustain in the long term. If your parents’ needs are too great to make that possible, it may be time to consider assisted living.

Elderly CareSetting Boundaries

Another way to keep your relationship positive is to respect your parents’ boundaries wherever possible. There may be a few aspects of their lives or their care which they simply aren’t comfortable allowing you to handle. Try to make decisions about these boundaries, and about their care, together.

Professional Options

There will come a point when your parents’ needs for everyday assistance and medical care will be more than you can meet on your own. The transition to professional services will go more smoothly if you open the discussion well in advance. Talk to your parents about options, finances, and their preferences. By introducing the subject early and keeping discussions open, you can help defuse any initial resistance to the idea.

Ultimately, elderly care is a major change for your parents and for you. It’s understandable that it will take some adjustment on all sides. Prepare for the growing pains, and keep in mind your goals: balance in your life, and health and safety in your parents’ lives.


For a caring, supportive retirement home in Pulaski or Freedom, WI, choose Country Villa Assisted Living. Their elderly care team places their emphasis on compassion and respect, providing an environment in which your loved ones can have both the care and independence they need. For questions, call their Freedom location at (920) 422-4620 and their Pulaski facility at (920) 422-4629. You can also contact either location online.

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