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5 Weird Golf Rules You Might Not Know About November 14, 2017

Waipahu, Ewa
5 Weird Golf Rules You Might Not Know About, Ewa, Hawaii

Golf has several weird rules that you might not have been aware of. From hitting moving balls while they’re in the water to making sure your fellow players don’t stand too close, there might be more to the game than you realize. Once you have your form down, the last thing you want is to be penalized for strange regulations you didn’t know existed. Royal Kunia Country Club in Waipahu, HI, has shared five uncommon rules of golf that all players should know.

5 Unusual Golf Rules

Leave Dew Alone

During early-morning games, it’s normal for dew to collect on balls. Just resist the urge to wipe yours clean before swinging – if you do, it’s a two-stroke offense.

Hitting Balls in the Water

If your stroke causes your ball to land in the water, try to get to it quickly before the current carries it away. However, if it begins to move, you are still able to attempt to hit it out of the water while it’s in motion. Just don’t wait for it to get into the right position before swinging – you can’t wait for an advantage and need to hit it right away.  

Removing Impediments to Search for a Ball

golf-Waipahu-HIIf you hit your ball into a bunker and can’t immediately find it, there’s a chance that it ended up lodging itself underneath the sand, dirt or another type of material. You’re permitted to dig around for the ball, but once you find it, you need to recover the ball with the material before swinging. If you don’t, the penalty is two strokes. Luckily, you can leave a small portion of the ball visible and replace it if it moves during the search process.

Keep Other Players at a Distance

If your golfing buddies have a habit of standing near the flagstick green while you’re shooting, consider asking them to take a step back. If a person is close enough to touch the stick when you’re about to stroke, they’re considered to be attending. This is a two-stroke penalty if the ball makes contact.

Take Penalties for Flooded Bunkers

If you’re one of those committed players that will continue a game during a heavy downpour, be aware of how you handle flooded bunkers. You are only legally permitted to relocate golf balls to a less-flooded section of the bunker. If you choose to drop it in an outside spot, be prepared to receive a penalty stroke.

Learn more about the rules of golf at Royal Kunia Country Club. Designed with beginners in mind, this golf course boasts six water features and 99 bunkers for a gorgeous fairway that’s just a short 30-minute drive from Waikiki and the North Shore. Learn more about this public golf course by visiting their website, or giving these professionals a call at (808) 688-9222.

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