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Celerbrate Hawaiian Culture at the Annual Waimea Valley Makahiki Festival & Ke 'Alohi Hula Competition October 26, 2017

North Shore, Koolauloa
Celerbrate Hawaiian Culture at the Annual Waimea Valley Makahiki Festival & Ke 'Alohi Hula Competition, Koolauloa, Hawaii

The annual Waimea Valley Makahiki Festival and Ke ‘Alohi Hula competition is a part of Hawaii’s history and culture. The first event took place in 1979, and it was a day to look forward to until the festivities stopped in 1995. However, the spirit of celebration was brought back in 2014, and Waimea Valley is proud to be planning the 2017 competition and festival. November 18 will be a day of music, hula, family, food, and fun.

Makahiki Festival

The season of Makahiki is a tradition established by the islands’ ancient inhabitants. It’s the Hawaiian New Year festival, celebrated to honor the Hawaiian god Lono. Lono represents Hawaii’s fertility and agriculture and is responsible for new life. From around October to March, islanders honor Lono while thanking him for the bounty of the land. Today, the Waimea Valley Makahiki Festival encapsulates that old Hawaiian culture with an annual festival. The event will feature activities, vendors, traditional Hawaiian games, and live music. Locals look forward to embracing traditions passed along throughout the years, and visitors get a glimpse of Hawaiian culture.

Ke ‘Alohi Hula Competition

hawaiian cultureWith the spirit of the islands and friendly competition, the Ke ‘Alohi Hula Competition attracts men and woman hula dancers from across the state. Dancers compete on stage for a single hula kahiko—ancient hula—title. Each competitor has the opportunity to perform one kahiko hula for the audience. The competition is a regaled part of the community, and participants from all sides of the state will be present. Audience members are encouraged to arrive early for prime seats near the stage.

Don’t forget to mark your calendars for this cultural event of the season. The festival and hula competition at Waimea Valley will be from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. on November 18. Book your tickets today by visiting them There are discounts for Hawaiian residents, military, and groups. If you have questions about the event or Hawaiian culture surrounding the festivities, call (808) 638-7766.

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