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3 Grief Counseling Tips for Coping With Loss During the Holidays November 20, 2017

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3 Grief Counseling Tips for Coping With Loss During the Holidays, Juneau, Alaska

Losing a loved one is difficult to overcome, and the holidays can spark a flood of memories that generate sadness. Family and tradition can have strong associations with them, but there are ways to overcome the grief. The grief counseling team with Sondra Sexton-Jones in Juneau, AK, want to share a few tips for dealing with loss. This will ensure you get to enjoy the holidays with your family while also celebrating the life of the deceased.

3 Grief Counseling Tips for the Holidays

1. Create a Support System

Holidays are a time for family, and if you’re suffering the loss of a loved one, they likely are as well. Grief counseling experts advise that support systems are one of the best ways to cope with loss. Take advantage of having family and friends around. Sharing memories and telling stories are great ways to remember your loved one in a positive light. Happy memories will also combat sadness, and having support on hand will help you through any tough moments.

2. Try New Traditions

grief-counseling Sometimes breaking the norm is the best way to cope. If long-standing traditions have a significant association with the deceased, consider introducing new customs. They can be simple, such as changing where you eat a holiday meal or adding a special activity to commemorate the life of your loved one. This is a great chance for family members to work together, and breaking away from redundancy will help redirect your emotions.

3. Seek Grief Counseling

If you’re overcome with grief that you can’t seem to conquer, turn to professionals for help. Grief counseling is a great way to learn more tips and techniques for coping with loss, and you’ll also have a dedicated mental health professional who can help you through challenging moments. Family counseling sessions are also an option if several members are having difficulty coping.

The compassionate staff with Sondra Sexton-Jones is dedicated to helping families learn to cope with loss, so turn to them this holiday season. They provide comprehensive grief counseling services and can address a number of emotional disorders. Call (907) 586-3313 today to schedule an appointment, and visit their website and Facebook to learn more about their services.

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