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Children & Glasses: How to Help Kids Enjoy the Eyewear Experience November 16, 2017

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Children & Glasses: How to Help Kids Enjoy the Eyewear Experience, Middletown, Ohio

Poor vision can be a challenge for kids — it can affect learning in school and make daily activities tough. But although eyeglasses can correct these problems, it’s not always easy to convince children to consistently wear them. Fortunately, Wing Eyecare says there are a few ways parents can provide strategic support and encourage their children to wear glasses regularly. If you and your child are going through the process, this optometrist of Cincinnati, OH, and Northern Kentucky highlights a few tips to help kids adjust to wearing glasses.

3 Ways to Encourage Children to Wear Glasses

Let Them Do the Shopping

glassesWhen kids have the opportunity to choose the type of eyeglass frames they wear, they may be more open to the change. If your child is old enough, allow them to explore the styles of frames that appeal to them. When children have trouble figuring out what they want, they might find inspiration by looking to their favorite characters or role models who wear glasses.

Fine-Tune the Fit of the Frames

Having frames professionally adjusted is essential for a comfortable fit. For kids, a proper fit is even more important, as loose or crooked glasses can discourage them from keeping the frames on. That’s why it’s better to get their eyewear from an optometrist’s office rather than using rough measurements to order frames online. Once a pair is selected, opticians can finesse the eyeglasses to precisely fit your child’s face, sit comfortably on the bridge of the nose, and ensure lenses are aligned correctly.

Make Daily Wear a Positive Experience

Children usually grow accustomed to wearing glasses once they experience how much they can improve vision problems. However, the process can be touch-and-go in the beginning, and you may find that consistent use is a hard habit to teach.

Instead of forcing the situation, it’s best to ease kids into the process and approach it with positivity. For example, if your child is just a few years old, you might distract them with something fun so they won’t be so focused on putting the glasses on. Older kids may feel encouraged if you praise them for the moments they remember to wear glasses. And, if you also wear a pair, putting them on with your child can be a fun way to bond over the experience and inspire regular use at the same time.

Helping a child adjust to glasses can take a little work, but giving them the gift of improved sight makes all the effort worth it. To help with these transitions, Wing Eyecare offers comfortable eye exams and prescription glasses for patients of all ages. With patience and a kid-friendly approach, these eye doctors are not only able to help maintain your child’s ocular health, but also make the eyeglasses an appealing accessory. Visit them online to learn more about their services or call (888) 274-9464 to set up an appointment for you or your little one.

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