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An Introduction to Gold Dental Crowns & Their Uses Throughout History October 30, 2017

Texarkana, Miller
An Introduction to Gold Dental Crowns & Their Uses Throughout History, Texarkana, Arkansas

If your tooth has been damaged by injury or decay, your dentist may recommend a crown to repair it. Dental crowns can be made from many materials, including porcelain and silver-colored dental amalgam. But one option still available today dates back to ancient times: gold crowns.

Facts About Gold Crowns & Their History 

Why Gold?

CrownGold in dental work dates back thousands of years. It was used to fill cavities and also to cover or modify teeth, resulting in history’s first gold crowns. The material is easy to work with for this purpose. It doesn’t corrode like other metals, is malleable, and, once in place, is durable and long-lasting. You won’t experience adverse reactions to it and it won’t wear down the surrounding teeth.

What Is the History of Gold Use? 

Given these benefits, it’s no wonder gold crowns were so popular throughout history. In ancient southeast Asia, they weren’t just introduced to combat decay. Tooth modification with gold was done for aesthetic reasons as a sign of wealth and power. This practice continued into the 16th century when Spaniards took over the region.

How Is It Used Today? 

Caps and inlays were used as a fashion statement in America for some time, but have recently gone out of fashion. Instead, you’re more likely to see them used for restorative procedures. A gold crown is an excellent choice for capping molars, where the color doesn’t matter as much but the hardness of the material does. Because gold is durable but doesn’t wear on opposing teeth, it’s perfect for this purpose. 


Whether you’re getting crowns by choice or out of necessity after a dental emergency, gold remains a viable solution. Talk to dentist Randall A. Ellis, DDS about this option to see if it’s right for you. They provide dental care for patients of all ages in Texarkana, AR. If you need general or restorative dental work including crowns, call his office today at (870) 772-1374 or get in touch online.

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