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What Defines a Monument & Ways It's Presented October 27, 2017

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What Defines a Monument & Ways It's Presented, Sanford, North Carolina

The word “monument” often is used loosely. Many endeavors are celebrated as monuments to a concept or cause, even when the results are intangible. But this doesn’t match the idea of a statue or another construction. The term comes from the Latin word “moneo” or “monere,” which mean to remind or warn. To qualify as a monument, an object must serve as a reminder of someone or something specific. Since the definition of a monument focuses on its purpose, not its form, it can take many shapes.

4 Compelling Examples of Monuments


Individuals, groups, and events often are immortalized as statues. These figures represent the subject and make clear what we are to remember when we see them. For example, a veterans memorial might incorporate statues of soldiers as they appeared during their time of conflict.

Flames & Fountains

MonumentsSometimes the representation of an honored subject is abstract. Fountains, eternal flames, and searchlights visible in the night sky are emotional and compelling ways departed individuals have been memorialized.


A public or private building also can be dedicated as a reminder of the past. Many famous edifices are considered monuments to the culture, history, and architecture of a region.


While they’re small compared to other examples on this list, gravestones are personalized monuments to an individual. They help descendants of the deceased stay in touch with their family history, even if it long preceded them.

The most important aspect of a monument is its purpose, not its form. When we see one, it reminds us of a person, event, or concept that shaped our past and set us on our path to the future.


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