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3 Reasons the Need for Certified Nurse Assistants Is Rising February 12, 2018

Wakefield, Bronx
3 Reasons the Need for Certified Nurse Assistants Is Rising, Bronx, New York

A certified nurse assistant (CNA) works under the supervision of a registered nurse (RN) to help patients and clients meet their wellness goals. CNAs perform many tasks similar to those of an RN and play an increasingly critical role in providing medical care. This occupation is expected to add more than 267,800 jobs by 2024 for a variety of reasons.

Explaining the Rise of Certified Nurse Assistants

Expanded Health Consciousness

People of all ages are more aware of maintaining their health. They are taking advantage of preventative measures and advanced diagnostic procedures for detecting a variety of diseases and conditions, such as cancer and osteoporosis. This means more people are visiting doctors offices and relying on CNAs and other professionals with medical training to help them maintain or improve their health.

Aging Baby Boomers

Certified nursing assistantBaby boomers are people in the generation born over a period following World War II, from 1946–1964. Baby boomers now represent over half the residents of the U.S. and are transitioning to their senior years. A large aging population creates a higher demand for health care, increasing the need for people in a variety of medical fields, including certified nursing assistants.

Quick Training Programs

Instead of looking for a registered nurse to fill a position, many medical facilities are bolstering their staff with certified nursing assistants and medical assistants. Having an RN supervise several aides helps them provide thorough care. Since the certification process for a CNA is significantly shorter than for an RN, there is a steady supply of skilled professionals for these positions.


When you become a certified nurse assistant, you will enjoy reliable and rewarding employment. If you're interested in this in-demand job, contact Big Apple Training to discuss a career in health care. They have been providing medical training for future CNAs at their centers in the Bronx and White Plains, NY, for over 20 years. Visit their website for more information about the program and call (914) 437-7373 for their White Plains location or (718) 231-3600 for their Bronx facility to discuss enrollment. Check their Facebook page for more news about their training opportunities.

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