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3 Reasons You Shouldn't Delay Window Chip Repairs November 13, 2017

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3 Reasons You Shouldn't Delay Window Chip Repairs, Honolulu, Hawaii

A vehicle’s front windshield plays a role in its safety system making repair of the damaged glass a priority. Most drivers may question whether such a small area of damage is worth making the effort, but the auto glass certified technicians at Ace Auto Glass in Honolulu, HI, recommend having a professional inspect the damage as soon as possible. Delaying a window chip repair is not recommended for a variety of reasons.

3 Reasons to Seek Window Chip Repair ASAP

1. It’s less expensive to repair a chip than it is to replace an entire windshield.

You’ll definitely need your windshield replaced if a chipped windshield is allowed to spread until a crack larger than a quarter forms. Most times a small chip in the windshield can be easily fixed in about an hour.  Ace Auto Glass technicians will use high-quality sealant with professional equipment that forces the sealant into near microscopic cracks, filling the chip. 

A do-it-yourself chip repair kit oftentimes makes the problem worse as the tools provided in the kit cannot create the necessary pressure to force the sealant into the fissures.

A customer used a do-it-yourself chip repair kit but the damage got worse.

2. Size of the chip makes A difference.

A simple test is to compare the chip size to a quarter to determine if a repair can possibly be done. Place the coin over the chip; if the damage isn’t visible outside the edges of the quarter, your windshield may be repaired. If placing a quarter over the spot doesn’t completely cover it, you should replace the windshield.

3. Location of the chip matters.

A chip or crack in the driver’s field of vision compromises the driver’s ability to see the road which is not safe.

4. A chip repair is visible.

When a chip is filled, a small yet visible circle remains where the chip was repaired. This is another reason why it’s important to replace the windshield if the damage is in the driver’s field of vision.

Safe, Reliable and Trusted - Ace Auto Glass 

When you need window chip repair, bring your vehicle to Ace Auto Glass. The team has served the Honolulu community for more than 40 years, so stop by one of their nine locations to have your windshield inspected today. Visit their website to learn more about their specials, or call (808) 847-3217 to get an estimate and schedule service.

Ace Auto Glass has replaced more auto glass than any other in Hawaii since 1975.

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