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5 Ways to Protect Your Septic Tank This Winter November 8, 2017

Webster, Monroe
5 Ways to Protect Your Septic Tank This Winter, Webster, New York

Did you know cold weather can negatively impact the performance of your septic system? Septic tanks themselves rarely freeze, thanks to biological activity that keeps the water warm, but the pipes leading to and from the tank are vulnerable to cold temperatures. That’s why the septic tank experts at Chamberlain Septic Services encourage customers in the Monroe, Ontario, and Wayne counties of New York to prep their septic systems before winter arrives. Not sure how? Use these tips compiled by Chamberlain’s team of experienced technicians.

5 Tips for Protecting Your Septic System In Winter

1. Fix Any Leaks ASAP

Inspect your plumbing for leaking fixtures or appliances, and have any leaks repaired as soon as possible. Not only will this help your system perform better year round, it will also prevent pipes from freezing once temperatures outside drop.

2. Add Extra Insulation

septic tankWhile the weather is pleasant, layer at least 12 inches of straw, mulch, or hay on top of your septic system’s pipes and tank to give the ground extra warmth and insulation. You can also wrap pipes in plastic, old towels, or foam to add insulation to them. 

3. Spread Out Warm Water Usage

If you’re worried about the pipes leading to your system freezing, schedule laundry, dishwashing, and showers throughout the week using warm or hot water so that the warm water is flushed through pipes at least once per day. Just be careful not to overload the system with too much use or continuous water flow.

4.  Don’t Park On Top of Your Septic Tank

Minimizing traffic over your septic system is important because it keeps snow, ice, or soil from becoming compacted, which can freeze the ground and affect your pipes. Avoid parking cars or other heavy objects over your system.

5. Call a Professional for Help

If you’ve experienced frozen pipes or problems with your septic tank during cold weather in the past, there could be a bigger problem at fault. Contact a professional septic tank company for a thorough inspection. You might need sewer and drain cleaning, septic tank pumping, or professional assistance insulating your pipes.

In Webster, NY, you can depend on Chamberlain Septic Services for any of these services year-round. Call (585) 265-0277 to get a quote on their septic tank services, or visit their website for tips on proper septic care.

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