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We specialize in “skilled, individualized personal care” for residents with Dementia or Alzheimer conditions: memory impairment, disorientation and behavioral redirection. OUR PRIORITY: Safe & Secure Environment Above All! IT’S WHERE HOME IS for your loved one and … for us as well. Is this a place for my Mom, Dad, Husband, Wife or any other loved one? We understand. As a matter of fact, we more than just ‘understand’, we feel your pain and empathize with your concerns. Watching someone you care so deeply about fade into another reality is excruciatingly painful. It’s part of life’s journey, but sometimes we have great difficulty processing the outcome. Too often those who cared for us all of their lives are now in need of our care. Sadly, most families are not able to provide that level of care. While we can’t control the process of dementia, we will do whatever we can to ensure comfort and safety. It might be the least we can do and we take this responsibility very seriously. We want to assure you that our caring goes beyond providing a safe place with a list of amenities. We welcome and embrace your loved one into our family. We call them ‘residents’ not patients. We don’t consider them houseguests because they are not. This is their home. It’s where they live now and it is our responsibility to make sure they feel that way irrespective of their condition. We want you to know that you are not placing your loved one in a facility. You are allowing us to be your extended family. We work very hard to ensure that our residents are surrounded and cared for by a team of professionals. Our employees are hired and trained in the spirit of human dignity and caring. It is what we look for in our recruiting process and how we follow up with ongoing training of our staff. There is no one‐size‐fits‐all when it comes to caring. Each resident is unique and while there are lots of amenities and services, we always pay attention to details, medical needs, personality type or any other unique condition that requires our attention. Our residents may not always be aware of how much we care or how special they are. Or, maybe they are? It makes no difference to us. We are here to serve your loved one.

3 Ways to Provide Quality Senior Care October 19, 2017

3 Ways to Provide Quality Senior Care, Lincoln, Nebraska

Every senior has unique needs, as well as wanting to retain their independence. However, they can’t always take care of themselves, which is why it’s important to find the right method of senior care for them. For some seniors, it might mean just a helping hand now and then, while others may require something more regular. 

3 Ways to Provide Senior Care

1. Handling Their Affairs

If your parents can take care of themselves around the house and travel when needed, a little time and effort on your part may be all the senior care they need. Try handling grocery shopping or scheduling a delivery service. You can also have a maid come now and then to help with household tasks. Handling their financials and health care needs is also important; however, you shouldn’t work beyond your limits. Sometimes, seniors need more than you can provide, so don’t be afraid to hire more assistance.

2. Providing a Caregiver

senior careWhether it’s a registered nurse that comes by every day or a live-in caregiver, having a dedicated senior care specialist will ensure your loved one gets all the help they need while also enjoying their independence. Caregivers can range from helping out with difficult tasks throughout the day to monitoring their medical needs. They’re ultimately dedicated to helping seniors live a less-stressed, comfortable life and remove many burdens from them and their family.

3. Enrolling Them at an Assisted Living Facility

For seniors ready to truly relax somewhere that offers all the assistance they need while also honoring their independence, moving to an assisted living facility is the ideal solution. They provide dedicated private housing alongside spa-like amenities, community activities, and 24-hour services from certified staff. Every aspect of their property is designed for a senior’s well-being and comfort and ensure no need goes unnoticed.


The Waterford Communities is the premier assisted living facility in Lincoln, NE. They’re dedicated to creating a comfortable, relaxing environment where seniors can count on receiving all the help they need from their compassionate, devoted staff. Call (402) 423-0000 to learn more about this senior care facility, and visit their website and Facebook page to learn more about the benefits of assisted living.

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