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Taking care of FAMILY October 12, 2017

Westside Covington, Covington
Taking care of FAMILY  , Covington, Kentucky

Unique to the town of Owenton is an all encompassing sense of community and family; a sense embraced by our HealthPoint Family Care office. Our HealthPoint Owenton providers are not just from the Owenton community, but are considered family.  They provide family medicine to their community, treat their patients like family, and can serve everyone in the family.  Meet our patients, the Roberts Family…


Joy and Ronnie Roberts, son Clark, daughter Heather, son-in-law Scott, and grandchildren Hallie, Makenzie and Lacie. All lifelong Owenton residents and all patients at HealthPoint. Each family member has sought treatment at HealthPoint for anything from wellness checkups to acute and urgent illness. Joy recalls one particular visit when Dr. Bauman felt her symptoms were so urgent HE drove her to the emergency room and stayed with her until she received appropriate care. From pediatric to advanced age, HealthPoint will provide exceptional care through compassion, innovation and excellence. No matter the age or health issue, our community family care providers can help your whole family and will treat you like their family. For information on our hours, services and making appointments in Owenton or any of our other locations visit www.healthpointfc.org


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