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3 Reasons to Get New Team Uniforms & Custom Shirts October 18, 2017

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3 Reasons to Get New Team Uniforms & Custom Shirts, Edgewood, Ohio

Generic sportswear and solid tees might seem like the most affordable option when it comes to outfitting a team, but custom shirts, jerseys, and shorts are more cost-effective than most parents and coaches realize. Outfitting the entire team in quality uniforms that the players are proud to wear will also ensure everyone tries his or her best both on and off the field. Below, the friendly team at Sports & Sports in Ashtabula, OH, shares just a few reasons why your team deserves new custom jerseys this season.

How Your Team Will Benefit From Wearing Custom Shirts & Uniforms

1. A Stronger Team Identity

Every player on your team needs to feel as though he or she is part of the family. A team is only as strong as the spirit and unity of its players, and custom shirts with matching uniforms will help build cohesion among the ranks.

2. More Recognition

Jerseys allow fans and referees to distinguish between players, which will benefit the team. Not only will custom shirts allow the stands to cheer for whoever has the ball — which might provide the boost of confidence that he or she needs to score — but it will also ensure all stats are accurate at the end of each game. Although your players win as a team and lose as a team, recognizing individual players who go the extra mile has its benefits, and you will need those stats to name a most improved or most valuable player.

3. An Intimidating Front

custom-shirts-Ashtabula-OHIf your team looks sloppy, their opponents are unlikely to take them seriously. When everyone is wearing sleek, matching jerseys, you gain an advantage from the moment you walk onto the field. Looking sharp will project an air of confidence, which can intimidate the other team before the game has begun.

If you need custom shirts or uniforms in Ashtabula, OH, turn to Sports & Sports. They have tons of styles and colors to choose from for every sport. Check out their website to browse their vast selection of school spirit wear and sporting goods for your team’s fans. Call (440) 998-4664 to discuss your vision today.

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