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How Fitness Trackers Can Help Your Kids Stay Active October 12, 2017

North Bethesda, North Bethesda
How Fitness Trackers Can Help Your Kids Stay Active, North Bethesda, Maryland

I’m happy to bring you a guest blog today from Ibrahim Aqib.  Ibrahim is a fitness consultant and dad to a beautiful boy. He loves writing about fitness, especially kids’ health and fitness. When he is not working, you can find him working out with his little son in their basement.

Technology has always been discredited on several occasions, especially in cases where kids’ health has been discussed. It is because of this "smart" addiction that the children segment has been inflicted with severe health crisis, childhood obesity being the most common one. To combat this state of inactivity, many solutions have been presented over time out of which fitness trackers have received the most positive response.

Activity trackers like kids Fitbit have created a lot of buzz recently. These trackers can actually help your child combat issues associated directly with lack of physical activity and motivate them to be more active.

Here is how fitness trackers help your kids stay healthy and active:

1. Small Goals equal Big Gains

Since children are naturally driven by the sense of achievement, this is what fuels them to make more use of fitness trackers. Upon creating short and attainable goals, not only does your child easily achieve the end reward but it also instills confidence in them. In addition to this, there are several fitness trackers that actually remind children about the goals and motivate them by showing how much effort is required from them. All this, at the end of the day, keeps your child engaged and active.

2. Fitness Turns into Game Time

Perhaps the best of feature of these fitness trackers lays in the fact that it actually makes working out fun for every age group. As compared to adults, children don't require much extensive workout plan. A 60-minute fully active session is enough to keep your child healthy, therefore, its very easy to convert this workout session into a fun time. When your child sees the quick stats like how many steps they have taken, what's there heartbeat rate, it will automatically make them want to do more and push themselves for more.

3. Nothing Beats a Good Routine

Maybe children are hard discipline, but they are the most vulnerable group that gets affected by bad and irregular routine patterns. As adults, we can make up on lack of sleep and other ups and downs, but children need everything at the right time, in the right proportions. Fitness trackers help parents monitor these schedules and are quite helpful if you have got a child that is already into athletic training. Not only would they keep your child on track by giving them their goals and quick stats, but it will actually let you have immediate access over all the information as well.

4. Trackers are Trending

Among kids, fitness trackers are really a new thing. It’s not just something that you will witness solely in a kids gym, but these trackers are more like a statement now. Many children can be seen walking with these trackers around their wrists and this is why your child will like it too (because bandwagon, of course!). Many children and teenagers are adopting this fitness trackers trend simply as a mark of fashion, so it won't be really hard for you to convince your child into wearing them.

5. Be a Role Model

For the sake of your kids’ health, it is vital that you yourself actively participate in it as well. Children mimic whatever their elders do, especially when they are toddlers. This is why you have to be active, in order to make them more active. As far as these trackers are concerned, you can get one for yourself and be a partner in your child's fitness journey. If you use these fitness trackers too, it will be easier for your children to connect to you. In fact, this can become a little group activity of yours and serve as a mean of bonding.

About Fitness for Health:

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