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The Benefits of Metal Fencing Vs. Wooden Fencing November 6, 2017

Somers, Flathead
The Benefits of Metal Fencing Vs. Wooden Fencing, Somers, Montana

The right fencing can do wonders for your property — it not only will provide privacy and security but enhance the appearance of your yard and even boost your home’s value. When you choose a new fence, you must determine the type that’s right for you, and the decision often comes down to metal fencing and wood. Consider the merits of each material to see how they stack up.

Metal Fencing Vs. Wood Fencing


Metal fencing typically is less expensive than wooden versions, although elements like design, treatments, and hardware also affect the cost. The average price of a 50-foot roll of chain-link metal fencing is significantly less than a comparable panel of wooden fencing. 


Metal fencingThough both fence styles provide security for pets and children, wooden fencing also creates privacy if it features adjoining slats. Each material offers variety; metal fencing comes in a range of colors and finishes, depending on the design of the structure, and wood can be stained or painted to complement your house. 


The installation process is easier and faster for metal fencing because it usually comes in large, premade sections or rolls. Each slat of a wood fence is installed individually, so it typically takes more time and labor to build. 


Metal fencing requires little upkeep after installation because the durable material withstands the elements well. Wooden fences need periodic painting, staining, or sealing to preserve their beautiful appearance. However, both styles require an occasional inspection for loose hardware and other damage.


Wood and metal fencing are excellent additions to a yard — the one you choose depends on your needs and preferences. To review your options and schedule installation, contact the experts at Boundary Line Fence in Somers, MT. Call (406) 309-5010 to speak with a member of their team and request a free estimate. Visit their website for more information about their services and like them on Facebook for updates on their work.

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