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3 Reasons to Get a Tire Rotation & Alignment October 19, 2017

East Franklin, Armstrong
3 Reasons to Get a Tire Rotation & Alignment, East Franklin, Pennsylvania

Your vehicle relies on its tires to provide you with smooth and safe transportation. Keep them in optimum condition by visiting an auto repair shop regularly for a rotation and alignment. To help you better understand why your tires benefit from this kind of maintenance, Arizona Auto Repair & Towing, the leading auto shop in Adrian, PA, offers some insight below. 

From safety to functionality, there are a number of reasons to pursue these services: 

  • tiresEven Wear: Because of different weight distributions and the drive of the vehicle, where your tires are located makes a difference in how much wear they receive. Often, the two front tires deal with more pressure than the back two. Thus, failing to have them serviced would lead to expedited wear and tear. Rotating means moving the portion of your tire that sees the most action to an area where it will see the least, and vice versa. This ensures balanced wear and will increase a tire’s lifespan.

  • Smooth Drive: A rough drive can potentially knock your tires and vehicle out of alignment. This can happen by running over potholes, getting in an accident, or even bumping a curb. If your tires are out of alignment, you may notice a vibration in your steering wheel. Likewise, your car may drift to the side. Seeking maintenance services prevents these conditions. 

  • Fewer Accidents: When your tires are worn out or misaligned, you are at a greater risk for costly accidents. A flat tire may blow out on the highway. Or, those with little tread may not be able to handle slippery conditions. This makes it easier for you to lose control of the vehicle. Avoid injury and expensive repairs by keeping your tires in shape.

Rotate and align your tires regularly to uphold your safety and the smoothness of your car’s drive. If you live in Adrian, PA, check out Arizona Auto Repair & Towing. Their experts specialize in brake service, oil changes, and car alignment. For the past 40 years, they have maintained a reputation for honesty and exceptional quality. For more information, visit their website or call (724) 868-2886 today.

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