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3 Reasons Why You Should Consider Working With a Landscape Designer November 1, 2017

Hanover, Butler
3 Reasons Why You Should Consider Working With a Landscape Designer, Hanover, Ohio

Many homeowners try to tackle landscaping on their property only to get quickly overwhelmed when they discover how much work is actually involved. To avoid falling into this conundrum, it is a good idea to hire a professional landscape designer to help you navigate the many areas of creating a beautiful and cohesive lawn. Below are just a few of the many benefits they can bring to the table.

3 Reasons to Hire a Landscape Designer

1. They Know Which Plants to Add

A residential landscaping designer has typically spent years studying plant life and soil biology. This makes them experts on knowing which types of foliage should be planted in specific locations and soil types. After performing an analysis of your yard, they can help you select flowers and trees that will hold up the best on your property as well as add to its structural integrity

2. They Are Skilled at Helping With Home Energy Costs

landscape designerTrees and large bushes are an integral part of many lawns’ aesthetic, but their benefits don’t end there. Landscape designers know these plants can be used very effectively around homes to help lower energy bills. After they examine your perimeter, they can make astute suggestions on how to use your foliage to cut heating and cooling costs.

3. They Are Experts at Managing Water Issues

Whether your home regularly experiences droughts or runoff, a well-thought-out landscape can cope with either. One of the prime concerns of many landscape designers is how to address the amount of water a lawn receives. They can help you to design a lawn that either incorporates drought-resistant plant life or uses techniques to divert water runoff safely away from your home.


When you are thinking about improving the way your lawn functions and looks, contact the landscape designers at Imfeld Nursery. They have been creating custom designs for residential and commercial properties in the Hamilton, OH, area since 1973. To find out how they can be of assistance to you, call them today at (513) 868-1828. You can also visit their website to view their portfolio of outdoor spaces.

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