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Top 5 Benefits of a Spinal Adjustment February 12, 2018

Leeds, Jefferson
Top 5 Benefits of a Spinal Adjustment, Leeds, Alabama

Spinal adjustments are not only a good way to deal with back pain, but they also offer a variety of other benefits. Located in Birmingham, AL, Walch Chiropractic Center PC offers local patients a wide range of safe and effective treatments capable of addressing numerous ailments. Here, they discuss five advantages of having a professional adjust your spine.

Spinal Adjustments: 5 Amazing Benefits

1. Reduction of Lower Back Pain

Perhaps the most obvious reason to get a spinal adjustment is chronic lower back pain. While some doctors might recommend surgery in this case, undergoing an adjustment can offer relief without the harmful side effects associated with surgical procedures. Adjustments are also great for decompressing nerves, which can cause a range of additional health complications if they are left untreated.

2. Improved Blood Pressure

Research indicates certain types of chiropractic therapy can also have an impact on high blood pressure. The results of one study showed  patients who had their spines adjusted also had lower blood pressure when compared to a group undergoing a placebo treatment. Additionally, chiropractic care was shown to be as effective as taking two high blood pressure medications at once.

3. Increased Range of Motion

spinal adjustmentAlong with diminishing discomfort, spinal adjustments can also increase one’s range of motion. Issues with the lower back often lead to stiffness and immobility. An adjustment will increase movement, thereby allowing you not only to be more active again, but to get through your daily routine without pain.

4. Decreased Discomfort During Pregnancy

Undergoing an adjustment can also help pregnant women feel more comfortable. While the thought of having a baby is exciting, the physical changes your body undergoes also put strain on your back. Spinal adjustments from a chiropractor are a safe way to deal with any pain you might be experiencing without worrying about negative side effects. 

5. Treatment of Headaches

People suffering from headaches and migraines often experience relief through chiropractic care. Tension in the neck and back can easily cause headaches, and regular adjustments are a great, all-natural way to reduce this triggering discomfort.

Looking for a skilled Birmingham chiropractor who offers spinal adjustments? Walch Chiropractic Center PC goes above and beyond to ensure the best possible results. Schedule an appointment by calling (205) 699­-4433 today. You can also visit the website for more information on the services offered.

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