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3 Reasons for Hot Water Heater Repair October 17, 2017

Austin, Travis County
3 Reasons for Hot Water Heater Repair , Austin, Texas

A functioning heating system is vital to the comfort, safety, and efficiency of a home. Through regular water heater repair, a homeowner can save time, money, and energy by avoiding the most common causes of water heater deterioration. Below are a few common water heater issues to look out for. 

3 Common Hot Water Heater Issues

1. Debris Buildup

If the heating system in your home is inadequately warming water, your water heater may be clogged. When water flows into the heater, minerals, dirt, and other composites are carried into the tank. These sediments settle at the bottom of the tank and create a blockade of waste. This buildup prevents the burner from effectively heating and distributing hot water throughout your pipes.

2. A Damaged Dip Tube

A broken dip tube is a common water heater complication. A dip tube discharges cold water into the tank to be warmed from the bottom up. However, heating issues arise when the dip tube becomes cracked or fractured. It’s unable to shoot water down the tube, causing the water to stay cold at the top of the tank.

3. An Outdated Heating System

If your heating system is between 10-15 years old, it likely needs water heater repair. As it ages, it becomes susceptible to thermostat, thermal switch, and heating element erosion. To extend its lifespan and functionality, schedule regular maintenance checks with a professional plumbing contractor.


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