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Why You Need a Windshield Replacement After a Chip November 9, 2017

Cincinnati, Hamilton
Why You Need a Windshield Replacement After a Chip, Cincinnati, Ohio

If you've recently had your windshield chipped, you may not be too concerned. After all, it's only a tiny mark, right? But even a small chip is a reason to consider a full windshield replacement. Chipped auto glass can be a bigger safety issue than you realize.

3 Reasons to Get a Windshield Replacement

Structural Problems

When an object strikes your windshield, the chip is only the part of the damage you can see — the impact runs deeper. The entire structure of the glass pane can be changed when it's hit, making it significantly more fragile. After this, it's only a matter of time before the glass breaks.

Complicating Factors

Windshield ReplacementNot only is your windshield weakened when it's chipped, but the damage will continue over time. A small crack offers water a place to seep in, and when the temperature drops, that liquid will expand. This forces the segments of glass apart and can make the crack grow over time, obscuring your vision as you drive.

Safety Problems

Aside from view-blocking cracks, a chipped windshield offers other hazards. You can't be sure when the glass's compromised structure will finally give way, shattering the windshield completely. If this happens while you're on the road — perhaps after another tiny impact — you may find yourself contending with broken glass and zero visibility as you struggle to keep your car out of harm’s way.


Get your auto glass replaced as soon as you notice a chip or crack. Your safety is worth the investment. GlassPro, Inc. in Lawrenceburg, IN, offers windshield replacement and car window repair throughout the Cincinnati area. Their skilled technicians and quality materials will have your car roadworthy again in no time. Call (513) 874-6559 to schedule maintenance or ask about custom work, or send a message online. Remember, you have the right to select the glass company of your choice (not your insurance company)!

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