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5 Qualities of an Excellent Midwife October 25, 2017

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5 Qualities of an Excellent Midwife , Lebanon, Connecticut

If you’ve decided on natural childbirth for your pregnancy, ensuring you have a midwife by your side is crucial to the experience. As you interview candidates, you’ll want to find a professional who exhibits a variety of sought-after traits. This way, you can feel comfortable and confident going into the home birth process. 

What You Should Look for in a Midwife 

1. Experience

In general, it’s best to work with a Certified Midwife, as these professionals complete training endorsed by NARM (The North American Registry of Midwives.)  They require training specific to the homebirth setting.  Through initial and ongoing training, they can not only provide reliable health care, but also offer counseling and educational services to keep you informed of choices you have throughout the process so the care suits you individually. 

2. Consistency 

midwifePregnancy can feel like a long journey, but when you’re able to meet with a midwife on a weekly basis, you’ll be less likely to feel lost along the way. During these routine visits, you’ll discuss the progress of your pregnancy, address concerns, and gradually prepare for childbirth and postpartum care.  It’s important to feel you can depend on your midwife.  I feel that providing as much continuity of care as possible increases not only increases safety but the quality and positivity of the experience.

3. Respect

Expectant mothers often choose natural birth due to the independence it affords during pregnancy. A midwife will give you extensive information about all your care options.  Choose one that you feel most comfortable with and one that will honor your personal preferences. Midwives are a great resource but it is the woman herself that takes great responsibility with proper nutrition, vitamin and herbal supplementation, exercise, healthy stress reduction and a positive frame of mind.  Midwives work with women from all walks of life and have respect for all women no matter their color, size, background etc.  The one thing our clients do have is a belief in the natural and they are typically well informed regarding their health and the topic of childbirth.

4. Resources

A good midwife can connect you many resources you may need. For example, tub rental should you decide on a home water birth, placenta encapsulation, etc. They might also recommend specific providers to assist with diagnostic services in the event they are needed as well as recommendations for great pediatricians and other alternative caregivers. 

5. Techniques  

Although pain is a natural part of labor and delivery, there are many holistic ways that a midwife can help you manage discomfort throughout the birthing process. As such, it’s wonderful to work with a professional that will monitor you and the baby during labor and birth while extending a variety of solutions to ease pain, such as strategic positioning, use of water, massage,etc.  The relationship that the midwife and client create during the prenatal care really pays off in labor and birth as the midwife is very familiar with both the baby and mon’s norms and they get to know each other personally. This bond frequently develops into a lifelong friendship.


If you’re looking for a Certified Midwife in Lebanon, CT, who can provide all these benefits and more, trust in the services of Traditional Midwifery Care. With more than 28 years of experience, owner Nancy Farr has assisted on more than 750 births in Connecticut. Well-versed in all aspects of natural childbirth, she is recognized for customizing care to provide you with the confidence you need for a stress-free delivery. You can learn more about her experience online or by calling (860) 463-7674 and setting up a consultation.

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