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FAQ: Do Attic Fans Help With Energy Efficiency? October 12, 2017

Crestwood, Gravois
FAQ: Do Attic Fans Help With Energy Efficiency? , Gravois, Missouri

When it comes to attic fans, there’s some speculation as to whether or not they can actually help homeowners boost energy efficiency. As with many optional home features, having a fan installed in your attic can benefit your home, but will deliver the greatest advantages when it’s chosen and installed with care. Here to answer some questions about how a Solatube® Solar Star Roof Mount Attic Fan can aid in energy efficiency is Transitions in Crestwood, KY.

4 FAQs About Attic Fans

Why Do I Need an Attic Fan?

Hot air rises, which means the highest point in your home is also the warmest. This is also compounded by the sun’s heat, which hits your attic first and for the longest amount of time. A fan can displace hot air, leading to an overall cooler house.   

Why Is Heat a Problem in My Attic?

In the middle of the summer, air temperature can climb up to 150°. With no place to go, the hot air can pass through the wood and make its way into your home, thereby forcing your cooling system to work harder.  

What About Moisture?

Moisture, too, can be an issue in the attic. Activities like showering, cooking, and washing dishes can create humidity in your home, which will also rise and wind up in the attic. To prevent your stored items from becoming damaged, it’s essential to give moisture a route to escape, which is precisely what attic fans achieve.

Why Is a Solar Fan My Best Option?

attic fan

Unlike traditional fans, solar attic ventilation systems don’t require any electricity to run. Solatube’s unique Solar Star Roof Mount Attic Fan runs off built-in photovoltaic power, using the sun’s energy to help cool your home. Thus, you’ll not only reduce energy use by drawing out excess heat and moisture, but you will also save on the electric you’d otherwise use to keep an ordinary fan running.

If you’re seeking an environmentally friendly way to reduce your energy use and cool your home, you can learn more about the Solar Star attic fan by visiting Transitions online. Their talented team has helped homeowners throughout Southern Indiana and Kentucky conserve energy for almost 20 years, and they also provide solar-powered tubular skylights. To speak directly with one of their associates, call (502) 592-5562.

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