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How to Choose Colors for Your Business Sign October 12, 2017

Old Jamestown, St. Louis County
How to Choose Colors for Your Business Sign, Old Jamestown, Missouri

Branding plays an important role in your business. In fact, it can have a direct impact on your bottom line. How you connect with prospective clients and customers, after all, is the driving force behind your success. That’s why selecting the right colors for your business sign is so important. Though it may seem like a small detail, it’s one that has a strong impact on how your company is perceived.

Florissant-MO-business-signAccording to the International Sign Association — ISA — a successful sign is one that is memorable and easily visible. The eye is naturally drawn to attractive designs, and business owners strive to relay their message and core values through simple marketing collateral. The business sign is one of the most engaging first points of interest for a prospective consumer — another reason why selecting an eye-catching color scheme is so important.

There’s a certain psychology to the connection between colors and emotions. Red, for example, conveys fiery passion; black is moody and somber. Green suggests health and wellness, while purple is associated with royalty. Playing on these connections is the key to creating a sign that visually connects with your audience.

Create a mood board to start. Use this space to jot down words and post images that relate to your business and its mission. If you have a yoga studio, for example, you might visualize water, plants, lights, and inspirational quotes. Think outside of the box at this stage; your focus will gradually narrow as you develop a plan for your signs and other marketing materials.

Then, focus on practicality. Your scheme should include at least one dark color for text that is easy to read from a distance. If your business sign is barely legible, it won’t do your business any favors. Opt for a lighter background color to create contrast, or stick with white if you prefer overall simplicity.

The colors you use on your business signs aren’t permanent, of course. If you find that your current scheme isn’t working for you, experiment with something different until you arrive at a palette that suits your business.


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