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5 Barber-Approved Grooming Products for Men’s Hair October 12, 2017

North End, Colorado Springs
5 Barber-Approved Grooming Products for Men’s Hair, Colorado Springs, Colorado

The hair care aisle is filled with a plethora of shampoos, creams, gels, conditioners, and waxes. With such an extensive selection, it can be difficult to narrow down which products to use. The barbers at To the Nines Barber Lounge in Colorado Springs, CO, are well-versed in which mane treatments are ideal for you. Below, their team expands on some essentials to stock up on. 

A Barber’s Guide to Men’s Hair Care Products

1. Dry Shampoo

barberA busy lifestyle means there isn’t always time to commit to a full morning grooming routine. Barbers are big proponents of dry shampoo, which is formulated to soak up sweat, oil, and debris so you can go an extra day without sudsing up in the shower. It’s ideal for use on all hair types, but those with oily strands, in particular, will appreciate how well it eliminates grease.

2. Cream

If you favor a natural look, a hint of styling cream adds control without shine. Since it’s lightweight, it’s excellent for men with thinner hair. It won’t weigh down your locks and is designed to eliminate frizz without leaving behind a greasy finish. Cream is also quicker to use than tackier products, which take a bit more finesse and time to apply.

3. Wax

Wax is crucial if your hairstyle requires significant control. It’s denser than styling cream, yet not as thick as gel. The result is a transformative product that offers hold without the hard, sticky finish. It’s a viable choice for men who have slightly thicker hair on the unruly side.

4. Gel

Gel is a dream come true for those with long hair that requires serious control. Think of it as a malleable hairspray of sorts. It’s applied manually and lends lasting definition, so you can easily make complex hairstyles last all day. For men with curly hair, it helps maintain your ‘do and reduce frizz.

5. Oil

Dry hair demands a product that delivers consistent moisture. Hair oil nourishes weakened, parched strands with conditioning ingredients, such as argan, coconut, and marula oils. A little bit goes a long way—just a pinch is effective at smoothing flyaways and reigning in frizz.

If your mane could use some attention, pay a visit to the barbers at To the Nines Barber Lounge. They’ll help you find a hairstyle that suits you, give you a skilled haircut, and offer product suggestions that make grooming a breeze. Visit their website to learn more, or give them a call at (719) 375-8998 to schedule an appointment.

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