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3 Benefits of Dance Classes for Kids October 10, 2017

Lincoln, Lancaster
3 Benefits of Dance Classes for Kids, Lincoln, Nebraska

No matter what style they’re interested in, dance classes are an excellent way to get your kids up and moving. While the health benefits of the activity are many, it also brings an incredible range of other advantages that could stay with them for the rest of their lives. Below are a few compelling reasons to enroll little ones right away. 

How Dance Classes Benefit Children

1. Showcase Creativity 

dance classesEnjoying the freedom of expression boosts children’s self-esteem and alleviates anxiety. As with any art form, mastering a skill and learning to trust your instincts leads children to be confident in their abilities and ideas. 

2. Enhance Motor Skills 

Young children, especially in the preschool age, are just learning to use their bodies and develop fine motor skills. Dance lessons can accelerate this process and build coordination that can help them enjoy a variety of other activities, like sports or riding bikes.

3. Improve Social Skills

Group dance classes give children the chance to work with other kids and their teachers, developing social skills they’ll need throughout their lives. In many respects, learning to exist in groups and accept others is one of the most important parts of a child’s cognitive development.


If you’re looking for dance classes to enroll your kids in, The Pure Movement Dance Institute in Lincoln, NE, specializes in teaching movement as an expressive art, using an innovative approach that makes learning fun and rewarding. They still have a few slots open for children between the ages of 3 and 5. Register today online or call (402) 466-7797 to schedule a visit to the studio. To keep up with news and updates, follow the dance school on Facebook.

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