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Hair Color Experts Explain How to Fix a Bad Dye Job October 12, 2017

Chelsea, Manhattan
Hair Color Experts Explain How to Fix a Bad Dye Job , Manhattan, New York

Whether the box dye turned your hair green or your stylist made the highlights too brassy, a bad dye job is never fun. Fortunately, as long as the hair’s still on your head, an experienced stylist can make it right. The hair color experts at Bloom Beauty Lounge in New York, NY, offer their expertise on color correction. 

4 Hair Color Correction Tips 

1. Don’t Try to Re-dye It Yourself 

Even if you’re the one who bungled the dye job, don’t try to fix it yourself. Off-the-shelf color removal products don’t always work and may do more harm than good. Professionals know how to repair the color without damaging your hair. They’ll consider several factors to determine the best solution, including the type of dye used as well as hair color and condition. 

2. Use Shampoo

hair-color-new-york-NYAlthough you should never use DIY color removers, it is safe to use shampoo to begin removing some of the dye. Shampoos that contain sulfates will break down the color and lighten it. Also, you can use different types of specialty shampoos to fix certain problems. For example, if your blonde shade turned out too dark, use a clarifying shampoo to lighten it. Afterward, you may also want to follow-up with a purple shampoo and conditioner if your hair looks too brassy.

3. Be Patient 

When you’ve had a dye job gone bad, you may feel embarrassed or unattractive and want to fix it immediately. Avoid the temptation to turn to quick fixes. Depending on their schedule, you may not be able to see your colorist right away. Try to relax and keep in mind your color chaos is probably not as noticeable as you think it is.

4. Consult With Your Stylist 

Although a bad dye job can be upsetting, make sure to reach out to a manager. They are there to help you achieve your hair goals. It’s also very important to try consulting with your stylist rather than confronting them. Keep in mind your stylist wants you to look and feel your best. Explain the problem and trust them to find the best solution. However, if you feel intimidated by your colorist or don’t feel they’ll listen to your concerns, make sure to let the manager know and they will assist you by getting you in the right stylist’s chair for hair. 

Are you a New Yorker in the midst of a hair color disaster? You can trust the experts at Bloom Beauty Lounge to make it right. In addition to color corrections, these experienced stylists offer a broad range of beauty treatments, including blowouts and organic hair products. Call (212) 255-9355 to make an appointment. Or, visit the website to see a list of services.

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