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3 Reasons to Hire Painting Contractors to Paint Your Cabinets October 12, 2017

Sun Valley, Denver
3 Reasons to Hire Painting Contractors to Paint Your Cabinets, Denver, Colorado

You want a new look for your kitchen, so you've decided to paint or refinish the cabinetry. Rather than tackling the project yourself, Paint Denver, the most trusted and experienced painting contractors in Denver, CO, suggest you save yourself some time and trouble by hiring an experienced interior painting professional. You'll be much happier with the results, and the job will be completed correctly the first time. Below are three of the most important reasons to hire an expert residential painter instead of attempting to paint your kitchen cabinets yourself.

3 Key Reasons to Hire Skilled Painting Contractors to Repaint Your Cabinets

1. They Prep the Surfaces

Adhesion is without a doubt the most important factor in a project of this type. For the paint to adhere properly, the cabinet surfaces must be prepped completely. To do the job correctly, a professional must thoroughly sand and clean the cabinets to remove dirt, grease, grime, and other contaminants that could prevent the paint from adhering. Without this key step, you could end up with flaking, chipped paint in only a matter of months.

2. They Use the Right Paint

Painting contractorStandard wall paint is inappropriate for cabinets, which receive a great deal of use and occasional abuse. They are slammed open and shut, scraped by pots and pans, and touched by wet, sticky, or dirty hands. Because of that, professional residential painters will use an oil-based primer followed by a high-end, high-gloss enamel. Enamel costs more than everyday paint, but it is more durable and can withstand frequent cleaning.

3. They Use the Right Equipment

Experienced painting contractors use equipment proven to provide the best results without leaving drips or visible brush strokes. Depending on the circumstances, this might mean an electric sander, high-density rollers, a high-grade commercial paint sprayer, and yards of painter's tape.

With the right technique, the right paint, and the right equipment, Paint Denver, the premier residential painters in Colorado, can transform your dreary old kitchen cabinets into something stylish and elegant.  Visit their website to view photos of completed projects, or call (303) 800-7575 to request a quote.

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