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3 Signs You May Need a New Muffler October 12, 2017

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3 Signs You May Need a New Muffler, High Point, North Carolina

Your car’s muffler system may not be something you think about often, but a broken or improperly functioning one can cause issues, creating a noisy ride. The muffler is a crucial part of the exhaust system in your car, which gives the engine combustion byproducts a place to go, and it’s an essential function for a well-maintained engine. To help you better recognize when your muffler is causing trouble, the car repair experts from P&T Automotive Repair in High Point, NC, have shared three things to look out for.

3 Ways to Know a New Muffler Is in the Near Future

Increased Noise

muffler systemA noisy muffler is a surefire indication that it’s time for a new one. If your car seems louder overall as you accelerate, there may be holes or issues with your muffler not allowing proper air flow and causing extra noise. It’s also important to listen out for any rattling or shaking noises coming from your muffler area while driving. This may indicate a loose muffler or improper connection.

Damage or Rust

If you notice your muffler sounds or looks a little strange, check it out. Even without automotive repair training, it’s easy to spot rust or holes in your muffler with the naked eye. If you think you may have damage further under the car than you can see, a mechanic can quickly put it on the lift and check it out for you. You should also keep an eye out for excessive moisture coming from your muffler. A bit of condensation is to be expected, but anything more than this should be looked at by a mechanic.


Muffler systems will naturally warm up over the course of driving, but it should never cause the rest of the car to overheat. To test out how warm your muffler is running, turn on your car, and let it run for a few minutes while observing the temperature gauge on your dashboard. If you notice it moving up faster than usual or going over the normal temperature, the muffler is most likely the issue.

If you need a muffler system repair or replacement or have other auto repair needs in the High Point, NC, area, trust the team from P&T Automotive Repair to take care of you and your car. They have served North Carolina since 1986 with superior service and quality work and will have your car driving like new in no time. Call (336) 869-8051, or visit the experts online to schedule an appointment.

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