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3 Reasons to Invest in Landscape Design October 11, 2017

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3 Reasons to Invest in Landscape Design, Lyndhurst, Virginia

It’s hard not to appreciate the beauty of a home when the yard is outfitted with fresh plants and plush trees. In fact, the added curb appeal of well-tended land helps homeowners increase their property value—and sell their house faster. But a smart landscape design also delivers plenty of benefits when you simply want to enjoy your home too. Below is a closer look at why giving your outdoor environment a makeover is a worthy investment.

3 Advantages of Landscape Design for Your Home

1. Energy Savings

There are several ways that landscaping can help lower your energy costs. During the heat of the summer, for example, trees and shrubs provide ample shade to cool your home. Compared to asphalt or concrete, grass cools the ground and air surrounding your house.  And when winter chills arrive, lush foliage shields your property from cool winds.

2. Prevents Property Damage

landscape designWithout plants and proper drainage systems, a heavy rain can turn a yard into a flooded mess. Over time, this standing water causes the soil to shift and throw your home’s foundation off-balance. In addition, excess water floods basements, causing considerable damage. Professional landscapers prevent these problems by reinforcing the soil with diverse foliage and improving runoff with intelligently-designed hardscapes.   

3. Healthier Living

A welcoming landscape does a lot to improve the health of your family. For example, a comfortable and welcoming yard encourages people to get out of the house and enjoy activities outdoors. Or, if you’re surrounded by plant life during a leisurely afternoon on the patio, your stress levels will likely lower. You will also benefit from cleaner breathing, as grass prevents the spread of dust and dirt, while other plants naturally scrub toxins out of the air and produce oxygen.


While great landscape design offers you these impressive benefits, you’ll also need to choose the right plants for your environment and arrange them strategically. If you want your yard to thrive, turn to the experts at Waynesboro Nurseries in Virginia for the best selection in wholesale plants and landscape services. Visit them online to learn more about their expertise, or call (540) 946-3800 to speak to a specialist about your needs.

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