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3 Ways Chiropractic Treatment Is Beneficial as You Age October 10, 2017

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3 Ways Chiropractic Treatment Is Beneficial as You Age, St. Peters, Missouri

As a person ages, they undergo many changes that impact their body and overall wellness. The joints and muscles weaken and become less resistant to normal stresses, which can increase the risk of falling or other issues. To combat this, chiropractic treatment is often used as a safe and effective form of therapy for seniors. Mid Rivers Chiropractic in St. Peters, MO, provides a comprehensive range of holistic treatments, such as spinal adjustments and acupuncture, to improve a patient’s quality of life. Their skilled chiropractors discuss how their services can help as you get older.

3 Ways Chiropractic Treatment Can Help With Aging

1. Increased Range of Motion of Spine

chiropractic treatmentFor seniors, increasing the spine’s range of motion can drastically improve their quality of life. This allows a person to bend down to pick up their grandchildren, work in the garden, or perform daily tasks without the assistance of a caregiver.

2. Lowered Risk of Injuries

One of the leading causes of injuries for senior citizens is falling. Chiropractic care lowers this risk by improving a patient’s balance through spinal adjustment techniques. They also teach stretching and various exercises to help a patient increase their strength and flexibility.

3. Decreased Joint Degeneration

Spinal misalignment can cause the vertebrae to wear down, causing back or neck pain that makes everyday activities difficult. Regular visits with a chiropractor will reduce spinal stress and decrease degeneration.

If you are seeking chiropractic treatment to prevent the effects of aging or help with chronic back or neck pain, contact the team at Mid Rivers Chiropractic in St. Peters, MO. Dr. James Lustig, DC, has more than three decades of experience working with patients of all ages and will formulate a personalized treatment plan for you. Call (636) 279-1400 to schedule your appointment, or visit their website for additional information on the services they provide. 

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