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Hawaii’s Comprehensive Drug Rehab Centers Share the Common Signs of Abuse October 12, 2017

Waiakea Ahupua`a, Hilo
Hawaii’s Comprehensive Drug Rehab Centers Share the Common Signs of Abuse, Hilo, Hawaii

Addiction is a disease like any other, which means recognizing the earliest signs and symptoms can result in a more promising prognosis. It also means treatment is typically essential for a full recovery. Drug abuse often leads to dependency and addiction, so if you think your loved one is abusing substances, you should step in as soon as possible. You could end up saving your loved one’s life by arranging for him or her to enroll in a program at one of the local drug rehab centers. Below, the compassionate team at Kū Aloha Ola Mau in Honolulu, HI, shares some common signs of abuse, so you know when to step in and help.

Drug Rehab Center Shares 3 Common Signs of Substance Abuse

1. Running Out of Prescription Medication

If you always pick up the prescription refills for your children, spouse, or aging parents, and you notice the refills are not lasting as long as they should, it could be a sign of abuse or even a full-fledged addiction. Ask your loved one why their medication is disappearing so quickly—if they become overly defensive or nervous, they may be having trouble.

2. Neglecting Responsibilities

drug rehab centersIf your loved one is facing consequences in his or her academic, professional, or personal life as the result of missing obligations or neglecting duties, it may be because drugs have essentially taken over. Over time, individuals who abuse drugs rearrange their priorities, until the only thing that matters is the substance of choice. 

3. Avoiding Favorite Pastimes

People often associate a lack of interest in favorite activities with depression, but it can also be indicative of substance abuse. This can occur as the result of having new priorities, or it can be because the substances are causing depression and anxiety. 

If it turns out a family member is suffering from substance abuse or addiction, turn to Kū Aloha Ola Mau. With drug rehab centers in Honolulu, Puna, and Hilo, they are committed to providing the best care possible for people who want to overcome their illness. Visit their website to find the addiction treatment program nearest you, or call (808) 538-0704 to learn more about enrolling a loved one at one of their drug rehab centers.

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