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3 Major Signs It’s Time to Pump Your Septic Tank October 11, 2017

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3 Major Signs It’s Time to Pump Your Septic Tank, Honesdale, Pennsylvania

When things are running smoothly at home, it’s easy to forget that the system keeping your household in working order needs to be maintained. To ensure that your septic system keeps working hard for your home, it’s important to have septic tank pumping and repairs done on a regular basis. Since 1960, our professionals at Koberlein Environmental Service in Honesdale, PA, have provided our customers with peace of mind with our top-quality septic tank services. We offer three signs to look out for when it comes to determining the state of your own tank.

Top 3 Signs You Require Septic Tank Pumping

1. Your Septic Tank Hasn’t Been Pumped in Over 2 Years

Like a cavity, the longer you wait, the more painful and expensive the procedure will be. Depending on how large your septic tank is and how many individuals live in your house, the number of times your tank should be pumped varies. If your system is working for a big family, it’s safe to say you need to have it pumped every two years. Smaller tanks with only one individual in the household can get away with waiting as long as every three years. If you wait too long, your tank can fail and start to leak, potentially causing major damage to your house and lawn and resulting in major expenses.

2. Your Lawn Is Starting to Smell or Get Wet

Unless you’ve been using a particularly strong-smelling fertilizer for your lawn, strange smells can also be attributed to septic tank failure. During pumping, the buildup of sludge over the years gets cleared out and is disposed of safely, allowing your tank to start fresh for the following years. When a septic tank is left for a long time without regular pumping, bacteria and corrosion can occur, damaging the inner linings of the tank walls and causing leaks.

septic tank pumping3. Your Sinks or Tubs Are Draining Slowly

If your sink or tub is draining slowly, try unclogging the immediate pipes as far down as you can. Check to see if any other drains in the home are emptying in the same slow fashion—if only one sink or tub in the home has this problem, the culprit is likely a clog further down the pipe that connects it to the rest of the system. But if two or more are draining slowly or backing up into your home, this is a sign the septic system may be backed up and in desperate need of a septic tank pumping.

If your septic system is due for a pumping, put your trust in our experienced professionals at Koberlein Environmental Service to get the job done. They’ll happily provide advice on how to best maintain your system with your budget and household in mind. For more information about our services, or if you’re having a septic emergency, call our 24/7 help line at (888) 345-6688 or visit our website

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