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3 Signs of an Anxiety Disorder October 10, 2017

Canandaigua, Ontario
3 Signs of an Anxiety Disorder, Canandaigua, New York

While everyone suffers bouts of mild anxiety from time to time, it’s important to seek treatment when it negatively impacts your quality of life. Recognizing the telltale symptoms will help you take the steps you need to manage your anxiety. Canandaigua Lake Counseling Services in Ontario County, NY, is the leading mental health facility offering a comprehensive range of counseling services, from medication management to couple’s therapy. The licensed staff members are here to discuss a few of the signs that may indicate you are suffering from an anxiety disorder.

What Are the Signs of an Anxiety Disorder?

1. Constant or Excessive Worry

anxietyPersistent worrying is one of the most common symptoms of an anxiety disorder. While it’s normal to feel anxious if you have stage fright or a fear of heights, it crosses into a disorder when your worrying interferes with your day to day life.

2. Panic Attacks

A panic attack is a crippling feeling of intense fear and helplessness that can last a few minutes and cause symptoms such as breathing difficulties, heart palpitations, and shaking. They can happen unexpectedly or in the midst of an anxiety-inducing moment.

3. Insomnia

Whether you have difficulty falling asleep or wake up multiple times throughout the night, both types of insomnia are symptoms of anxiety. You may find your mind is racing with worry and you have trouble clearing your head.

If you or your loved one are struggling with anxiety and you’re not sure what to do, turn to Canandaigua Lake Counseling Services in Ontario County. The premier counseling center specializes in a variety of mental health illnesses, and their skilled therapists work directly with patients to create a custom treatment plan that will improve their quality of life. Contact them today at (585) 919-0014 to schedule an appointment, or visit their website to learn more about their staff. 

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