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Why Plumbers Recommend Leak Detection & Alarm Systems October 9, 2017

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Why Plumbers Recommend Leak Detection & Alarm Systems, Vernon, Connecticut

Plumbing leaks can be extremely destructive, especially if you’re not home when the pipe breaks. Water rushing out of your plumbing system can quickly destroy your personal possessions and cause serious damage to your carpet, drywall, and even the foundation of your home. To protect your home from water damage, your plumber can install an advanced leak detection and alarm system, giving you peace of mind even if you’re leaving for months at a time.

What Is a Leak Detection System?

plumberA leak detection system consists of two parts: a water sensor and a controller attached to a shut-off valve. The sensors can be placed under your water heater, kitchen sink, in the basement, or anywhere else leaks may occur. When they detect water, they signal their individual controllers to shut off the flow of water immediately, preventing any further damage to your house or your plumbing. 

How They Can Help

In the winter, frozen pipes often burst in the middle of the night, and the damage could already be out of hand by the time you wake up. If you have a leak detection system, however, the water can be automatically shut off immediately. These systems are even more useful if you plan to be out of town for months at a time, ensuring you won’t come home to find thousands of dollars in water damage.


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