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3 Reasons Your Car or Truck AC Blows Hot Air October 12, 2017

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3 Reasons Your Car or Truck AC Blows Hot Air, Honolulu, Hawaii

On a hot day, air conditioning provides relief from the sun while you’re commuting to work. When your car or truck AC suddenly starts blowing warm air, though, it makes for an uncomfortable ride. Chik’s Auto Air provides reliable air conditioning service in Honolulu, and their team says when your vehicle exhibits this problem, it’s likely caused by one of the following factors.

Top 3 Reasons Car & Truck ACs Blow Warm Air

Low Refrigerant

Truck ACRefrigerant is the essential fluid that flows throughout your AC system to ensure the condenser can lower temperatures and instantly cool the air. When refrigerant levels are low, the air conditioner cannot produce cool air.

Broken Condenser

The condenser is located in the front of your vehicle and looks similar to a radiator. This crucial component is tasked with cooling down hot refrigerant before it is filtered into your car’s interior. When this piece of machinery is clogged, broken, or damaged from a fender bender, it will struggle to keep refrigerant at the optimal temperature. 

Broken Cooling Fans

The condenser can only cool refrigerant if air is passing through it via the cooling fan. When a worn-out fan isn’t performing this task as it should, air cannot easily flow through the vehicle. A fan may also malfunction if a fuse is blown or it is clogged from debris and dirt buildup. The good news is this component is simple to repair. 

If your car or truck AC is blasting hot air, Chik’s Auto Air will provide quick repairs so you can get back to enjoying a comfortable commute. The team has 45 years of experience, and they’re familiar with cooling systems in all makes and models. Visit their website or call the Honolulu auto repair shop today at (808) 591-1726 to schedule your appointment. 

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