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What Is Auto Insurance & Why Do You Need It? October 12, 2017

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What Is Auto Insurance & Why Do You Need It?, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania

Whether you’re a new or seasoned driver, everyone benefits from investing in auto insurance. However, with all the policies out there, it can feel overwhelming to grasp how coverage works, what kind of protection they provide, and what you need. Working with a seasoned agent will ensure you get the best plan for you and your budget. In the meantime, below is a basic overview of what this insurance is and why you need it.

What Is Auto Insurance, Anyway?

Auto InsuranceCar insurance is a type of policy that protects you, your passengers, and your vehicle in the event of an accident or vandalism. Though the terms of each plan will vary from driver to driver, most insurance options provide liability coverage to protect you if you’re responsible for a collision. Others include coverage to help you reduce the out-of-pocket costs for body damage repairs, mechanical issues, and other expenses if your car is involved in a collision. If you choose comprehensive coverage, it will cover damage to your vehicle for non-collision related incidents, including vandalism, vehicle theft, and broken windshields.

Why Do I Need Coverage?

Auto insurance is required, by law, for every car that’s on the road. The policies not only cover you, but they also protect other drivers if you’re involved in an accident. The requirements for each policy vary from state-to-state, but a local insurance agent will advise you on the requirements for your plan. However, while all insurance is required to provide some degree of liability coverage, most drivers opt for a fully comprehensive one designed to give them protection whether their car is damaged during a collision or stolen while parked overnight.  


If you’re looking for an auto insurance policy for your new vehicle or simply want a revised quote for your existing car, contact Kleppinger Insurance in Bethlehem, PA. Their dedicated agents will work with you to find an affordable plan that won’t sacrifice quality coverage. Visit them online for more information about their insurance agency, and call (484) 357-1485 to schedule a consultation for a free quote today.

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