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3 Tech Support Tips for Increasing Website Performance October 12, 2017

Alexandria, Alexandria
3 Tech Support Tips for Increasing Website Performance, Alexandria, Virginia

Websites are important tools for businesses. They offer an effective way to establish a company’s branding and promote their services, and they’re key to driving internet traffic. The network support specialists at Advanced 2000 in Alexandria, VA, often consult with clients on how to improve their website’s performance. Here, they share tech support tips for making sure your site is at peak performance.

3 Ways to Improve Your Website

1. Minimize HTTP Requests

Websites include various files, including CSS, Javascript, and images, that must be downloaded to a computer’s browser. Keep these elements to a minimum to decrease the number of times a browser accesses the server. This can significantly speed up the web page’s performance. A network support specialist can code your site so that it’s more efficient to access.

2. Optimize Your Images

tech supportImages on a webpage require a lot of processing power to download and view, which can slow down performance more than any other asset. Make sure your images are properly formatted and compressed to speed up their appearance on your website. Standard DPI for images online is 72.

3. Avoid Making Bad Requests

Numerous flaws can lead to bad requests on a website. For example, a broken link can redirect visitors to an unknown page with an error message, and an issue with the code can lead to a bad request. A tech support specialist can test, identify, and fix these problems. Google webmaster tools are also useful.

If you need an IT consultant who specializes in website performance and tech support in Alexandria, Arlington, Fairfax, Washington, VA, or Oxon Hill, MD, Advanced 2000 can design, test, and repair web pages to drive more traffic to your company. Call (703) 370-7520 or contact them through their website for more information. They also offer wireless routers, computers, and other tech solutions on their online store.

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