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3 Simple Steps to Use Credit Card-Operated Laundromat Equipment October 12, 2017

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3 Simple Steps to Use Credit Card-Operated Laundromat Equipment, Dothan, Alabama

Today, many laundromat facilities have incorporated credit card-operated washers and dryers into their offerings, so customers can bypass the process of searching for spare change. Below is a brief guide to how to use the modern equipment. 

How to Use Credit Card-Operated Laundromat Front-Load Washers & Dryers 

1. Load the Washing Machine

aundromatSimilarly to using coin-operated devices, first, load the washing machine with dirty laundry. Don’t overload the washer, as it could cause equipment damage. Uneven washing can also stain fabric or leave articles caked with detergent residue. To avoid this scenario, place the clothes loosely in the washer until the drum is 75% to 80% full. Next, put the cleaning detergent, fabric softener, and bleach in the corresponding, labeled trays. 

2. Use Credit Card or Laundry Card to Activate Washer 

After loading the washer, insert a credit card into the slot to activate it. If the machine has a keypad, you might be required to type in information to finish the transaction. In place of credit cards, some machines use laundry cards for operation. The laundromat should have information online about their laundry cards, including card application forms and account management services. If you need to add more money to the card at the laundromat, an attendant can assist. After removing the card from the washer, press the desired wash cycle to turn it on. 

3. Place Damp Clothes in Dryer & Activate Machine 

Once the clothes are washed, place the damp articles in the dryer. To make sure your fabric isn’t covered in fuzz, clean out the lint trap. Place the credit card or laundry card in the machine slot to activate it, and select the preferred dryer time to turn it on. 


If you want to leave the chore of doing laundry to dedicated professionals, the team at Park Avenue Coin Laundry in Dothan, AL, is standing by to make life easier. They will wash, dry, and fold clothes, so you always have clean laundry. To learn more about their drop-off laundry service and self-operated machines, call (334) 678­-0800, or visit the laundromat online. You can also like them on Facebook for tips to get the clothes as clean as possible. 

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