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What Are the Signs & Symptoms of a Herniated Disc? October 12, 2017

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What Are the Signs & Symptoms of a Herniated Disc?, Florence, Kentucky

Disc herniation is one of the most common causes of back pain among adults. Although there are several ways to get one, a herniated disc is most often the result of gradual wear. As you age, your spinal discs become more prone to tears and ruptures because they lose some of their water content, which makes them less flexible. There are also certain risk factors, like excess body weight and working a physically demanding job, that make people more likely to develop the condition. The team at Back to Health Chiropractic treats the issue in their Florence, KY, office on a daily basis and shares some of the most common signs and symptoms.

3 Common Signs & Symptoms of a Herniated Disc

1. Leg Pain

Approximately 95% of herniated discs occur in the lumbar region, which is the lower back. When herniation occurs in this area, symptoms include pain in the buttocks, thighs, and calves. Sometimes, this discomfort can even extend to the feet.

2. Arm & Shoulder Pain

herniated discIf the herniated disc is in the neck or upper back, the most intense pain will be felt in the arm and shoulder. This can be persistent or shoot into the arm when you sneeze, cough, or contort your spine into certain positions.

3. Tingling or Numbness

Since herniated discs affect the nerves, they can result in tingling or numbness throughout the limbs. This symptom is typically sporadic and will only occur when your spine is in certain positions. Depending on which nerves are affected, muscle weakness may also occur, which could limit your mobility.

If you have any of the above symptoms and you think a herniated disc could be to blame, turn to Back to Health Chiropractic in Florence, KY, for diagnosis and treatment. Call (859) 746-2222 to make an appointment today. To learn more about the chiropractic care they provide to treat everything from neck pain to carpal tunnel syndrome, visit their website.

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