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Laptop Repair Experts Offer 4 Tips for Cleaning Your Computer October 12, 2017

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Laptop Repair Experts Offer 4 Tips for Cleaning Your Computer, Fairbanks, Alaska

To operate at maximum capacity, any machine needs routine maintenance and regular cleaning, and your laptop is no exception. Over time, finger oils and debris can degrade the quality of your keyboard, and dust can adhere to the surface of your screen. Dust caught inside the machine can also clog the fan, causing overheating and unnecessary laptop repairs. Luckily, regular cleaning with the following tips will help keep your computer running in peak condition for as long as possible.

4 Tips for Cleaning Your Laptop

1. Turn it Off

Power down your machine before cleaning it and unplug it from the wall. If your laptop has a detachable battery, remove that as well. Removing all sources of power will prevent unpleasant shocks and damage to sensitive components.

2. Clean the Lid & Bottom

Add a couple of drops of dish detergent to two cups of warm water. Wet a lint-free or microfiber cloth in the solution and carefully wring it out before gently wiping down the flat surfaces. Rinse by wiping down with a wet cloth, then dry carefully. This technique can also be used for the screen, as long as you avoid allowing water to run down into the computer.

3. Remove Oil & Crumbs From the Keyboard

laptop repairsStart by using a can of compressed air to blow any crumbs or other material from between the keys, then dip another lint-free cloth into some isopropyl alcohol. Alcohol evaporates quickly and removes oil residues left by your fingers.

4. Clean the Vents

Most laptops have some sort of air vent located on the sides or underneath the machine, which attract dust and hair. Use your can of compressed air to clean out these vents, as well as any USB or other connection ports.

The laptop repair experts at Geek City in Anchorage, AK, have over 65 years of combined experience and a reputation for solving a staggering variety of problems with almost any system. Whether you’re computer is running slow or you need an upgrade, you can rely on them for excellent service and affordable rates. Visit their website to learn more about their laptop repair and other services, or call (907) 455-7281 with any questions.

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