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3 Signs of a Quality Junk Removal Service October 12, 2017

Spring Creek, Northeast Dallas
3 Signs of a Quality Junk Removal Service, Northeast Dallas, Texas

Before you sign a contract or commit to service, you want to know the junk removal company you’ve hired is reliable and trustworthy. Whether you need an old refrigerator out of your kitchen or a rundown lawnmower off your grass, you have the right to know who you’re hiring and what their reputation is. If you’re not careful, a company that looks great online could end up costing you more money, time, and frustration than you ever bargained for. Here are a few ways to tell if a junk hauling company deserves your business.

3 Characteristics of a Reputable Junk Removal Service

1. They Work Fast

Companies that say they’ll pick up your junk in a few weeks or give an ambiguous timeline with no clear pick-up time shouldn’t be trusted. You already know you want the junk gone, and you shouldn’t have to wait for it to happen. The good companies will arrange for pickup in as little as one or two days from when you call. They’ll give you a specific time of when to expect them, and they’ll follow through with that promise.

2. They Take Everything

junk removalAs long as it’s not hazardous, a good junk removal company should be able to take it. Bleach, oil, and fertilizer usually require special disposal services, but all other unwanted items should be fair game. Some companies say they can’t pick up things over a certain weight or made from a specific material. All that means is they don’t have all the resources and abilities they should, and their services may not be a worthwhile investment.

3. They Have the Right Tools

A professional company should have all the necessary tools and equipment for their trade. They should have vehicles big enough for big loads alongside smaller trucks that can fit through narrow city streets. If the load is too heavy to lift by hand, they should have the equipment needed to get it off your lawn without making more of a mess.

The best way to determine if the junk removal company you’re interested in has these qualities is to look at reviews and ask for recommendations. If something doesn’t feel right, trust your instinct and keep searching.


Residential and commercial property owners in Dallas and Ft. Worth, TX, trust the job to Anytime Trash Removal. Their 24/7 service performed by trained professionals guarantees positive results with every load. Call them at (214) 350-3401 to schedule junk removal. You’ll also learn more about their business on their website.

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