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A Brief Guide to Transmission Repair & Diagnostic Services October 9, 2017

East Providence, Providence County
A Brief Guide to Transmission Repair & Diagnostic Services, East Providence, Rhode Island

Does your car or truck feels like you sometimes drive in the wrong gear?

The complexities of today’s electronically controlled cars have increased the need for accurate transmission repair and diagnostics. This is especially relevant for businesses with fleet accounts. Industries that depend on their fleet require each of their vehicles to operate at peak performance. That’s why it’s important to partner with companies that are equipped with state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment and employ trained and skilled transmission repair technicians.

Here are some signs and symptoms you may notice if your transmission is acting up.

  1. The vehicle may feel like it’s driving in the wrong gear. This is a slippage which could be caused by simple leak of the transmission fluid, or sometimes contaminant in the transmission oil. Must be checked regularly for preventive measures every oil change or at least every 15000 miles by your regular auto mechanic shop. 
  2. When you feel some kind of a pause while shifting in gear. Again, this is another symptom caused by a low transmission fluid due to leakage.
  3. You might also here the clunking noise during shifting the gears. Your automatic transmission should be seamless during driving but may sometimes experience a longer delay than usual in pickup the speed. If you are hearing clunking noise, it’s very advisable to head straight to your mechanic as soon as possible to prevent expensive repairs if not too late.

What Procedures Are Involved in Transmission Diagnostics & Repair?

transmission repairFor regular passenger cars, we do not recommend detail inspection of the transmission as a regular maintenance, but for commercial fleet trucks, transmission service should be part of your routine fleet maintenance. It involves removing and examining the sump or pan, cleaning the filter, replacing the fluid, and adding a friction modifier. Any issues detected during the process will be addressed for safety and compliance. During a major repair, hundreds of individual components from the transmission system are removed, cleaned, and inspected using high-tech equipment. Any worn or damaged part is either repaired or replaced. Parts will go through subassemblies that will be thoroughly inspected and tested before the final assembly.   

Why Should You Choose O’Mensah Auto & Truck Service? 

For superior quality transmission repair and diagnostics services, you can rely on O’Mensah Auto & Truck Service in East Providence, RI. They guarantee reliable superior warranty on all services, service is fast reducing downtime using the latest diagnostic equipment. They also specialize in engine repair, brake repair, and suspension services. Call them at (401) 434-4760 to schedule an auto repair appointment, or visit their website for more information.

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